Cypress macrocarpa (cupressus macrocarpa), also known as Monterey Pine, Caswellian Gold, Horizontalis Aurea and other cultivars, is native to North America, but more common in Australia and New Zealand where it has been widely planted as farm wind-breaks for over a century. These aged stands are usually burnt when they become too large, but are a valuable resource which can provide an environmentally friendly alternative to timbers which are logged from native forests, or treated, or imported from unsustainable source.


Our cypress timber is sourced locally from farms in Gippsland and with many younger stands emerging there seems to be a sustainable supply for the future.

Cypress macrocarpa has a natural durability and resistance to termites and decay, so is ideal to use in landscapes and garden beds without the need for chemical treatment. Cypress can be used when freshly sawn as it has minimal shrinkage, so is a relatively stable timber perfect for use in all post and beam constructions. It's beautiful mottled grain and luminous colour are shown to advantage in furniture and lining.