Decide on the grade of timber required, eg structural projects would require F7 or premium, furniture projects would normally require premium grade, and garden beds normally are sleeper grade or seconds. F7 grading for Cypress is equivalent to F7 in radiata pine.

delivered packtruck load

Decide on sizes, lengths and numbers, bearing in mind that longer lengths may be more expensive, so it is best to give order in shortest required lengths.
Jedwood Timber cuts to your order so there is usually a wait time of 1-4 weeks depending on size of order and current waiting list.
We prefer to receive all orders by email. We will reply with information, a quote or an invoice.
Email to

Or call Geoff and Sari 0412 623 245

Payment will be required before delivery or COD if arranged prior to delivery.
Payments are usually made online or COD as we have no card facilities.


We have a two ton and a seven ton truck for deliveries and provide help with unloading and stacking if necessary.
The minimum price for delivery is $150 ( less than one ton and added to another delivery).
A full two ton delivery is $300.
A seven ton delivery costs $450.